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Prototype 1:2 Building Workshop

On Monday, 7 December we started building a prototype of our pavilion bamboo structure in a workshop hall in Delft. Marcel Bilow - one of our mentors and head of the Bucky Lab Studio at TU Delft - offered us the great opportunity to build the 4m x 4m pavilion using the studio's machines and spaces. Here you can follow the Bucky Lab daily blog with the latest news on construction.(

After weeks of sitting behind our laptops, we enjoy having this two-weeks hands-on experience and work with bamboo in a real model. We have built some prototypes of bamboo joints before and are ready to test the practicability of the pavilion structure by sawing and cutting fish mouths and sorting and assembling the bamboo poles.

The most interesting part will follow on 16|12|2015, when we will finally test the strength of the constructive system with the help of 220-250kg weight of students on every of the four reciprocal bamboo poles!

Take a look what happenend while the bamboo construction had to carry the loads of 12 people.

The resulting deflection of the bamboo was just as expected. Take a look!

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