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Community involvement in progress

Last week, our supporters from the local NGO Sustainable Rural Initiatives, Lumumba and George, printed the first posters showing the upcoming community centre to the local community.

The posters are hanging at the most frequented places in Okana - in all schools, at the local markets and last but not least at the site itself.

Within the first days, pupils, teachers and people passing by got interested in the project, started discussing and remembered back a year ago, when the two "Mzungu" (white) girls from Holland were promising to come back and build the community centre!

From July until October we will be back in Okana to work from there and prepare the last things for the construction.

The project is supposed to include the community as much as possible into the design, organizational and build process and we are happy to reach such a high acceptance of the local people.

Follow the construction process on our website and on Facebook!

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