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Pavilions in Rio de Janeiro

We are five students from Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RIO) who developed an analysis work of the community center 'From Landscape to Roofscape'.

The analysis process happened through the course of 2 months with orientation and support of a team of eight teachers from the project studio class, ministered at the third semester of our bachelor degree. Along the way we've produced a total of 3 scale models (1:200, 1:100 and 1:50 for the structure), a conceptual sculpture, a study notebook and 10 technical drawings. Among other goals, the discipline proposes to stimulate the architecture perceptual field, as well as to induce students to identify concepts related to the analysed works.

We all got really connected to Laura and Ellen's project due to it's social character and it's great relevance to our country considering its sustainable, low tech and low cost solutions. During our discussion, we observed one concept that kept surfacing throughout the aspects of the analysis, which was the idea of “absorption”. It is deeply connected with the understanding and solution of how the building positions itself given the climatic situation, as it simultaneously communicates with other fundamental concepts, such as "permeability” and “transitioning”. These elements are linked to the morphology and spatiality and reflect the concern of the architects to create an ample and welcoming space that connects with the cultural context, and naturally stimulates a feeling of identification to the locals. Moreover, there was also a deep knowledge absorption of the local construction techniques, which led to a re-reading, that is, a reinterpretation of these techniques in order to make the most of their potential.

Amanda, Gabriella, Renato, Valentina & Mariana

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